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Swedish Supplements I Am Fuc**d Up Joker – 300g Extreme Pre Workout

The Fucked Up Joker Edition is designed with a focus on power, perceived pump and improved endurance. It also provides an energy boost that allows you to train harder than ever before. Fucked Up is not a standard PWO. It has a unique ingredient composition that delivers an indisputable effect and experience. Each dosage contains a documented effective dose of the performance enhancing ingredients creatine and beta-alanine. Creatine consists of the quality raw material Tri -creatine malat, which in research has been shown to have better solubility in water and thus to give even better uptake. Tri creatine malat consists of three creatine molecules and one molecule with malic acid and users report significantly less unwanted fluid retention during use. In addition to inducing lovely tingling, the beta-alanine in Fucked Up raises carnosine levels in the muscles.

This improves endurance by counteracting the production of lactic acid. To improve mental focus this is an advanced mixture of plant extract with central stimulating alkaloids, caffeine, arctic root, Joker edition has added choline bitartrate which is a vitamin like nutrient whose task is to act as a preliminary study to acetylcholine a neurotransmitter which is needed for the brain to function optimally. Acetylcholine is required for all nerve impulses in the body and a supplement of choline improves mental acuity and focus as well as improving memory.


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