Natural IGF-1 Enhancer Benefits
Boosting Human Growth HORMONE
Helps build muscle & Increase strength
Reduces body fat
Supports muscle recovery and healthy immune system
Promotes cell growth and reproduction


007 The Most Advanced Natural IGF1 Enhancer and GH Booster ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition is proud to announce that we are one of the first scientifically based companies to develop a very powerful natural GH and IGF1 enhancer. 007 is the most effective product when it comes to improve performance, strength and building lean muscle mass, fast! 007 To The Test! ASN Advanced Sports Nutrition is a company which strives for one thing. Results! ASN has been working with some of the most reputable laboratories in the world to develop 007 and, the day to put 007 to the test arrived! After 8 weeks of scientific research on 007, the results showed increase on recovery, strength, and decrease on body fat. Even if the results on the trial research were amazing, we wanted to try it and find out ourselves if the 007 delivers the claims. So, we got 1 kg of row material and for 4-6 weeks ASN’s best athletes in Australia (body builders and power lifters champions) put it to the test. After only few days of using the 007 the results started to kick in and we got amazing feedbacks from our athletes. All of us experienced a quick increase in strength and appetite. After, 10-14 days, some claimed muscle fullness, recovery from shoulders, elbows and knees injury after many years of heavy lifting. By the end of 007’s trial we gained enough confidence to launch 007 which is the best product on the market when it is coming to serious power, performance and results on any sport and wellbeing. What is 007 Natural IGF1? IGF1 is a hormone that our bodies produce naturally, although the levels can change over time. IGF-1 levels actually peak during puberty, and then decline as we get age. If you are deficient in this hormone, you may start experiencing symptoms like less energy, a higher body fat percentage, and lower workout recovery times. And if you are looking to build muscle and lose fat, having the right levels of growth hormones is crucial. 007 the growth hormone secretagogue of natural herbal extract, is designed to help release the human body’s human IGF-1 naturally and with its anabolic properties will appeal to bodybuilders and athletes on the lookout for that edge in increasing lean body mass and boosting performance. Social Media Feedback Lourdes Veyra 007 ticks all boxes in a supplement i really need, build muscle, increase strength and recovery from join pains. the perfect product for me Sahran Sam Guneyi I am finishing my second bottle, strength is up recovery is amazing , I will be keeping this in my preferred supplement stack for sure. Great product ASN. Tony LaRosa Yes been using the amazing 007 for 3mths now over comed my shoulder problem and my knees and elbow is at 75% better every week my 50year old body is feeling better and better…Thanks to the amazing 007 and a huge thanks to Peter Memete Advanced Sports Nutrition for getting me back on track…… Idris Mainwaring After finishing 2 bottles I lost over 6kgs of fat and get accused of being on gear! Karl Di Falco i want to get gain every competitive edge and drive my progress to another level. 007 has help shift me to that level Andrew Glaser Just finished my first bottle, definitely helped my recovery and would love another one Andrew Glaser Bought some at the Arnolds, stacking it with Humanofort. Appetite is definitely way up and I’ve noticed few niggling pains are fading and recovery is awesome. Effects of 007 on Muscle and Performance During the 1990’s, researchers began studying the benefits of IGF-1 supplementation, which reportedly included improvements in muscle hypertrophy, tissue repair and recovery times. Due to perceived anabolic effects, athletes use IGF-1 to increase muscle mass and improve performance. IGF-1 inhibits cell death and so may have a role in reducing recovery times as well. Elderly men with higher activity of the hormone IGF-1 appear to have greater life expectancy and reduced cardiovascular risk, according to a new study accepted for publication in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM). 007 Human Researches Subject No. 34 subjects (24 males and 10 females) Divided into 2 groups – Placebo (N=18) – 007 (N=16) Subject Age. Age between 18-35 years -Placebo group: 25.4±5.1 -007 group: 26.9±5.9 Dosage: 800mg/day 400mg in the morning and 400mg in the evening with or without meals. Period Trail: 8 Weeks Design: Effects of 007 on body composition and exercise performance during eight weeks of supplementation and training. Double-blinded, placebo-controlled, parallel-group, randomized trial. Training dataset (weeks 0, 4, 8) Subjects in 007 group were able to complete more repetitions during set #1 and #2 of squats compared to subjects in placebo group. Subjects in 007 group were able to complete more total repetitions in squats (all three sets combined) compared to subjects in placebo group. 007 has beneficial effects on lower body muscle performance (repetitions to failure)! There was significant difference in Perceived Recovery (PRS) between groups, wherein the 007 group improved by 1.1 points vs. the placebo worsened by 0.11 points. There was strong trend for differences in Visceral Adipose Tissue (VAT) between groups, wherein the 007 group decreased by 29.3g vs. the placebo group increased 83.7g. 007 has beneficial effects on perceived recovery and even visceral adipose! Females Research Interesting patterns present themselves for this variable, particularly with females. It is interesting and powerful to note that nearly all of the males in 007 (A) increased the total number of squat repetitions completed while two male participants in PLA (B) decreased their number of repetitions. For females, the difference between groups is fairly striking. While the average for 007 (A) was higher than the greatest female responder in group PLA (B), this average is being carried by a hyper-responder (+26 reps). Additionally, 4/5 (80.4%) females taking 007 (A) had increase by more than five repetitions while the PLA (B) female group only had 1/5 (20%). Recommended Use: 1 scoop (500mg) with 100 ml of water. Take one serve in the morning and 1 serve in the afternoon.


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