Heavy Weight Mass Gainer


Our premium Heavy Weight protein is designed for hard-gainers. A super-concentrated, energy-rich, high protein formulation that is easy to consume in addition to the regular diet, providing hard-gainers the extra calories they need to make noticeable gains.

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Heavy Weight Mass Gainer Protein With ModCarbTM A unique grain matrix including gluten-free oat bran, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat and millet delivers nutrition-rich complex carbohydrates that help ensure modulated absorption and gradual utilisation by the body. Timed Release protein Proteins from Whey Peptides, WPI, WPC and Calcium Caseinate start to break down within minutes and continue for up to 8 hours helping to maintain the body in a growth state. Super High Calorie1050 calories per serve when made up with 500mL of skim milk as directed and can be taken as two half serves or one full serve, which also delivers a massive 85g of protein. Digestive EnzymesAdded DigeZyme® to help break down proteins into simple amino acid chains, to facilitate the absorption of these amino acids within the body. Muscle Growth SupportMuscle sparing MCT oils and carbohydrates for energy, quality proteins plus extra free form Glutamine, BCAA’s and 12 essential vitamins & minerals help support muscle recovery and growth.


International Protein

About International Protein

Established in 2001, International Protein set-out to manufacture the best-tasting proteins that money can buy while remaining manufacturers of clean, Australian made supplements, designed for high-performance athletes. The brand now includes fat burners, pre-workouts, creatines, mass gainers, glutamines, amino supplements, and of course, both our plant-based and dairy proteins. Proudly Australian made with quality ingredients on the Gold Coast of Australia.

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