Muscle Nation Whey Protein + Destiny Fat Burner

Muscle Nation Protein + Destiny, is the ultimate weight management stack. You’ll get Destiny, a fat burner that reduces carbs cravings and helps to keep you ‘Muscle-Full’. The stack also includes a high-quality protein powder with 25g of Protein in each serve. This forms the core of your diet and will ensure you stay lean while burning off excess fat and building lean muscle.

    How it works

With added ingredients to accelerate the fat burning process, Destiny Fat Burner will boost your metabolism while suppressing appetite, as well as improve mental focus and mood. Muscle Nation WPI is made with premium quality whey protein isolate which contains 25g of protein per serving with next to no carbs or fats. It is a pure and clean protein powder that helps you to reach your fitness goals and lean out whilst still providing ample amounts of muscle-building nutrients. This stack is designed to help you burn fat, build muscle and manage hunger while feeling great.

    Destiny FAQ:*
    What else can I expect from Destiny?

Destiny contains a mixture of ingredients including Yohimbe, Caffeine and L-Theanine which are known to help boost energy and improve mood. These key ingredients have also been shown to help suppress appetite as well as increase thermogenesis (basically how much fat you burn) which is perfect for any dieting phase.

    What are the key benefits of using Destiny?

Destiny’s primary benefit is it’s ability to help you feel fuller for longer by increasing satiety levels. It has also been shown to improve mood and focus, as well as provide an energy boost which will make training more


Muscle Nation

About Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation is one of Australia's leading and fastest-growing Activewear and Supplement Brands. In a short period, Muscle Nation has become a well-recognised and respected brand, not only in the Australian fitness clothing and sports supplement sector, but in the health and fitness industry. This growth is driven by a strong devotion and passion of providing quality products and services to our very loyal community.

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Protein Option 1

Milk Chocolate Flake, Golden Ice Cream, Choc Mint, Vanilla Ice Cream, Banana, Choc Hazelnut, Cookies & Cream, Choc Honeycomb, Choc Banana, Cinnamon Churros

Destiny Option 2

Green Melon, Sour Watermelon (Out Of Stock ), Sour Green Apple, Orange Fizz, Creaming Soda, Sour Grape