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Women’s Protein Powder Supplements

Maxine’s have a range of women’s protein powder supplements to suit your nutritional needs. From weight loss to muscle building and more like powders, shakes, snacks, fat burners, and performance supplements to deliver the much needed nutritional benefits in a convenient, enjoyable way.

Women’s Weight Loss Protein Powder Shakes

Maxine’s range of women’s weight loss protein shakes are designed to help you achieve your weight loss goals, whilst providing essential vitamins and minerals in order to support your body. Maxine’s shakes can be enjoyed as a quick breakfast or snack, or even as a post-workout boost. Maxine's supplements are high in protein but low in sugar, so the shake will give you an energy boost without the sugar crash. Maxine products are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike and available in a range of delicious flavours.

Women’s Muscle Building Protein Powder Shakes

If you want to build muscle, Maxine’s women’s muscle building protein powders will help you get there faster than ever before. Maxine’s products are formulated with high levels of protein and amino acids, hence why they have such effective results on those looking to build muscle mass. Products also contain creatine and other sources of BCAA

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DOUBLE CHOC FUDGE, White Choc Raspberry


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