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Feed your collagen to help TRAIN, BUILD, and RECOVER and go time and time again. Did you know, our total body protein content consists of approximately 30% collagen?2 Making it an integral aspect of how we go about our daily lives.

BODYBALANCE™ Hydrolysed Bovine collagen peptides found in the ATP Science NOWAY® Protein focus on the components that provide our physical actions with the strength they require day in and day out…

    Increase in daily protein.
    Bloat free.
    Gut friendly.

It is important to note that no two Collagen Peptides are the same. At ATP Science we use specific German-engineered Bovine Collagen Peptides, each with specific functions in the body. Our collagen is made up of type I and type III. You can read more on the types of collagen here.

NOWAY®, NOWAY® Juicy, and NOWAY® Coffee range all use the same BODYBALANCE™ Hydrolysed collagen peptides which target anyone living an active lifestyle to help them TRAIN, BUILD and RECOVER.

    Why Collagen Protein?
    Benefits of using Collagen:
    Supports and Promotes Muscle Mass.
    Supports and Promotes Muscle Strength.
    Supports and Promotes Lean Body Mass.
    Stimulates and Boosts Collagen Production.
    Increases ProCollagen and Elastin.

Incorporating NOWAY® in your daily regime helps feed that 30% your body demands of its collagen structures specifically. That’s basically 1/3 of your total body protein required in a different form to elements found typically in whey where the amino acids:

    – Glycine.
    – Hydroxyproline.
    – Proline.
    Are less typically found in abundance – but needed by the body to form that springy protein structure of collagen properly the body.
    What is a Peptide?

Peptides are specific cleaved shorter strands of amino acid sequences that provide a function that is specific to where they orientate in the body. They are functional, bioactive, and work as building blocks to other forms of proteins in the body – collagen is a perfect example. They act as a more specific instructor to a task – if that makes more sense.

    How much do I need?

Studies conducted on BODYBALANCE™ show the best serving size is 15g each day for optimal absorption and utilization in the body.


ATP Science

    Who is ATP Science

ATP Science is a team of talented individuals who create amazing products to meet the needs of everyday athletes and everyday consumers.

    Science over Slick Marketing

Whilst we have fun in our Marketing department, Science is of the ultimate importance to us – it’s even in our name. We have over 13 Health Science degrees including 2 Masters of Health Science and a PhD in Food Science. We love the Naturopathic ethos that states “natures knows best” and real food is at the heart of everything we do. We believe the proof is in the pudding so to speak the products need to work as stated. While others employ more in their Marketing department than their R&D and education departments – we do not!


We shall not use artificial flavours, colours or preservatives! Or anything that can cause harm! It must be good for your body not just your performance.

    It’s got to be unique or best in class

We DON’T ever want to be a “me too” brand. True innovation takes problems where there seems to be no clear or effective strategy for health and wellness and provides a superior solution to what is currently being offered.

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